This page is about iMovie, versions 1-6. It's NOT for iMovie '08 or later.

iMovie is a digital video editing software package from Apple Computer.
It's included when you buy a new Mac.

Daniel Slagle has put together a great "Unofficial" iMovie FAQ and an iMovie web log

Questions about iMovie? See Apple Discussions


You need StuffIt Expander 7.0 or later to unpack .sit files. For the iMovie 5-6 titles, you just double-click in the Finder.

iMovie LT Titles

I have written alternatives to Apple's Centered Title as well as Subtitle.

Apple's Centered Title has one line of large text and one line of smaller text. My two alternatives has two lines of equal size or a small line above a larger line, respectively.

Apple's Subtitle has a gray background all across the picture. My subtitle has a gray background behind the text only.

The titles for iMovie 5 and 6:

For iMovie 2-4: LT iMovie Titles.sit (340kB)

For iMovie 5-6 (and including Intel Macs): LT iMovie 5-6

File Fixers

I have written four Applescript applications that helps iMovie users with files that iMovie won't recognize. iMovie won't import certain types of JPEG files or certain types of MP3 files. Clip files or project files that lost their iMovie identity can also be fixed. The identity might be lost when someone tries to fix a corrupt project file or when transferring files via a media that doesn't handle Macintosh specific file info.

iMovie file fixers for OS 9.sit (28kB)
iMovie file fixers for OS X.sit (84kB)

PAL Project

Users can have difficulty creating a PAL project, especially if they run iMovie and/or OS from an NTSC country. Here is an empty PAL project to get started using PAL.

Empty PAL iMovie Project.sit  

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This page updated 22 March 2009